Top 10 Motorsikal Yang Sangat Cool Dari Masa Depan

But if you’ve been wondering what kind of awesome motorcycles may be on the horizon, then check out these cool concept motorcycles.

10. Mach Ness

Motorcycle manufacturer Arlen Ness crafted this metal monster powered by a gas-turbine helicopter engine. The aluminum outer shell with noticeably large rivets gives it a sort of steam punk edge that you just won’t get from carbon fiber and plastic.

9. Icare Bike Concept

If we had access to all the possible concept designs for Batman’s motorcycle the Icare Bike Concept would certainly be on the list. We could just imagine the Dark Knight leaning into a tight turn on this sleek black bike.

8. Swordfish Motorcycle Concept

Any concept bike you’ve ever thought of as sleek has nothing on the Swordfish. The overall look has interesting mix between curves and sharp angles that earn this bike its name.

7. Yamaha Tesseract

The Tesseract was designed as a motorcycle, but with leaning multi-wheel abilities. Yamaha built this creature in 2007, and the “Dual scythe” suspension system gives it increased stability for its four wheels.

6. Honda Slammer

As black as a moonless night, the full front end conversion drapes over a custom 23-inch wheel, and the fuel tank and body taper beautifully toward the rear. Power comes from a VT1300cc engine, and the air ride suspension can drop over four inches for effortless, aerodynamic cruising that’s worthy of the prince of darkness.

5. Magic Tricycle

The Magic Tricycle sounds like something your four year old daughter might drive in the back yard, but it’s actually an amazingly clever transforming motorcycle.

4. Ferrari V4 Motorcycle Concept

If Ferrari made a motorcycle to match the car this would be it. Industrial designer Amir Glinik took the sexy curves and sleek lines that make Ferrari so fiercely desirable and put them in bike form.

3. Halbo Future Duo-Wheel BMW

If you’re looking for an incredibly small and fast motorcycle and could care less about your personal safety then we’ve got a bike for you.

2. Jaguar M-Cycle

This isn’t one of those concept bikes with a name like Jaguar that’s meant to represent it’s speed. Its name is pretty literal in this case. The Jaguar concept by M-Cycles draws inspiration from the Jaguar car manufacturer logo.

1. Honda CB750 Concept

This blocky bike feels like a vision of the future as imagined by a video game designer from the mid 90s. The carbon fiber, aluminum and titanium frame gives the 2015 Honda CB750 enough strength to carry heavy riders. - orzzzz

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